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I’m creating this topic to list some of the most frequently asked questions on the discord channel as well as their answers.

Each reply to this main post should include exactly one question, the answer, and - if possible - a source from hipsterpercaso / Franscesco / IAmYourVirtualFather. Sources may be linked or screenshot’ed.

The intention is to be able use the “link to this post” function and pass this link on to discord to quickly help others without re-typing previous solutions.
By having only one problem/solution per post, users don’t need to scroll through all problems to find their answer.

I’m not a Mod on here, so I ask you to keep this thread clean (only posts in the above format are allowed).
FAQ suggestions can be made here (Father.IO - FAQ suggestions). I will scan that thread from time to time and will add answers here once I have the answers (and the time to write a post).

If one or more of the mods could scan this topic for out-of-the-line posts and delete them if necessary, that would be helpful as well.

Father.IO - FAQ suggestions

Where can I buy the inceptor?

Depending on where you live you have multiple options.
You can purchase them through the Indiegogo site at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/father-io-massive-multiplayer-laser-tag-app/ Be prepared to wait for your product for a few weeks if using this option

You can check your local amazon site as well. Some of them have inceptors in stock or offer them through the marketplace

Brookstone (in the US) is known to have them in stores

It’s generally a good idea to do a quick google search to find more websites that are shipping to your area.


Where is the tactical map? / when is the tactical map coming back? / where are my resources from the tactical map?

The tactical map has been replaced by the FPS (first person shooter) game for now. A new version of the tactical map is in development. It should be back in spring / late spring.


Where is my tracking number?

Hipsterpercaso said through Indigogo that everybody, whose inceptors have been shipped, should have a tracking number by now.
However, some people have gotten no tracking number at all before receiving their inceptors, some have gotten them a few days before receiving their inceptors and many are still waiting. There is no way to tell which three of these applies to you if you don’t have your tracking number yet.


Why does my Indiegogo status say “fulfilled”? I’ve not gotten my inceptors yet!
I don’t agree with their approach to set everybodys’ status to “fulfilled” before the shipping has finished, but that’s the way they went. At this point “fulfilled” means, the inceptors have either gotten to you, they are in transit, or that they haven’t even left Hong Kong yet. Nothing we can do about it.


I can’t scan the QR Code / Invalid QR Code. What’s wrong?

The QR Code is a license that will be bound to the account that scans it first. It is only good to be used ONCE. If your friend scanned the QR code before you, there is no way to transfer that license back to you (at this moment).

However, you CAN transfer the account to a different phone, to play on different phones. (Logout and login again with a account that has been activated with the QR code)


How can I transfer the license to my friend? He wants to test the game.

At this point you can’t. However, it’s planned to do this in the future (Can’t share incepter with another account)


Why can’t I connect my inceptor?

Unfortunately, this could have many possible reasons (and this answer might need some more touches later)
First thing to do is to make sure that your inceptors are charged. They don’t have a physical on/off switch and the battery is probably drained after shipping.
Personally, I’ve found that restarting Bluetooth, restarting the app, and/or connecting the inceptor through the “settings” menu can help when the inceptor doesn’t want to connect.


There is no on/off switch on the inceptor?



Why doesn’t my friend see the Quickmatch game I created?

Be sure to use 2 different users for the game. Using the same account on multiple players my cause issues



How do I play this game?

At the moment there are TWO gamemodes in the app. Singleplayer mode and Multiplayer mode. Both are played on your smartphone. Search for “Father.IO” in the Google Play Store or in the Appstore.

Singleplayer Mode (headshot game) can be played WITHOUT the inceptor. You aim at peoples faces, and the game detects the face in the camera image. This gamemode is Single Player only.

Multiplayer Mode requires the “Inceptor”. The Inceptor is a device containing Infrared-LEDs and Infrared-Sensors. When connected to your phone it EXTENDS the functionality of your smartphone. It allows your phone to register hits from other players and to shoot them as well. To play a game in multiplayer mode, EVERY player needs an inceptor.
If you don’t have enough Inceptor for each player, THEN YOU CAN’T PLAY THE GAME IN MULTIPLAYER MODE!


Can I modify the inceptor in a way that it fits larger devices than naturally supported?


Credit, of course, goes to fiendishlyan0n.


Are my perks bound to my account via the activation qr-code? /
I have ordered packs with different perks, can I sell inceptors without the risk of losing perks?

Perks are bound to your account via referral links. The qr-code you need to activate your account for inceptor-use has nothing to do with that.